About us

Ambiental comes from the Latin word ambiens, or ambientis, meaning environment or ambience, which is what Ambiental Brewing is fighting for – an ambience in which we all can enjoy fantastic handcrafted beer without compromising the environment.

Ambiental Brewing is a green initiative originated in Sweden. We have a clear mission: To make handcrafted beer from all around the world accessible where it is sought, but with as little effect on the environment as possible. We have this mission in mind when we form collaborations between brewers globally, and when we establish brewing licenses between them so that they can brew each other’s beers for their local markets. Brewing under license reduces the carbon footprint made by the brewing industry by reducing the need for heavy transportation, while simultaneously making the handcrafted beer arrive with greater freshness and at a more affordable price to the local consumer.

Ambiental Brewing also forms collaborations between brewers who want to take the step onto the international beer-scene, allowing them to meet and learn from each other, and to co-brew unique beers together. Co-brewing is a great way to get practical insights about how a foreign market works.