What a success!

Our take on the Uppsala Beer & Whiskey festival

The entire Ambiental-entourage attended the two-days festival in Uppsala this weekend, and we were all very impressed with the venue and the organization of the event! It’s only the second year this festival takes place, and we are already looking forward to next year’s festival. It had a total of 8110 visitors – not bad at all!

While the first day was a bit slower in terms of visitors, making it possible for us to talk in-depth to some breweries about their beer and future plans, the second day received many more visitors, and we had a blast trying out a lot of new beers and talking with industry people and beer aficionados. One thing that we really liked about the festival is that it serves as a great arena for up-and-coming brewers who want feedback on what may only be their first ever batch; what was even more amazing was that some of them has hit the jackpot already on the first try!

IMG_6601  IMG_6635


While the quality of the beers that we tried was very high throughout, a couple of brewers caught our attention a bit more. Here are our highlights!

Jackdaw Brewery, especially their Zwarte Draak and Azacca-Punch IPA with lavender – amazing job guys!


Brasstacks Brewing and its memorable PomPom


The Tourne Sorbe from Jädraöl, and Eskilstuna Ölkultur´s Ecological Pale Ale were amazing. Nils Oscar is doing some really interesting stuff with oatmeal, and their Smokey Porter was a real pistol like always!


What we had hoped to see more of were exhibitors from abroad (they should really try to attend, cause this festival has real potential to become one of the great ones!). However, Spain was represented by Cervezas Yria, whose Cenosilicaphobia (Mango IPA), definitely is something to keep a look out for, and by Reptilian and Falken Brewing; both of which have some very nice beers that can be found in beer shacks nearby the festival venue.

Talking about Spain, of course we had to wrap the festival up with a Høppy Pilsner; made by La Quince, and brewed at Eskilstuna Ölkultur under our license – always a real treat!


We would like to thank the organisers for a great event, and we would very much like to thank all the beer aficionados and brewers who we met and who were interested in knowing what Ambiental Brewing is trying to achieve – we will be in touch!