When Columbus and Vasa set sail!

As you can probably imagine, Columbus goes North and Vasa goes South are sisters who were brewed on the same recipe but with different seasoning. The concept was inspired by how we perceive the similarities and differences between Spanish and Swedish culture (it sure helped that the brains behind the concept is a Spanish-Swedish couple who have been together for some 10+ years).

While the origins of Christofer Columbus can be debated at length, in Spain he is very much thought of as Spanish. Vasa is far less debatable (as far as we know, Sweden’s neighbors in the west and in the south have never made claims on his name); he was the first king of Sweden as we know it today. These two gentlemen were conceptually converted into boats, for which they are also famous; Columbus known for sailing the Santa Maria, and Vasa – very wrongfully – known for the warship Wasa (Vasa and Wasa have little in common, but we didn’t want to rock the boat so to say). The Spanish brewery, La Quince, when coming to brew in Sweden brought typical Spanish spices with them, as did the Swedish brewery, Eskilstuna Ölkultur, when brewing in Spain; hence the conversion of Columbus and Vasa into ships carrying freight in the form of spices from each country. The two sister beers in taste moreover represent the essence of the Spanish and the Swedish culture in that Columbus, made with Spanish spices, is passionate, fiery and wild, while Vasa, made with Swedish spices, is more subtle, diplomatic and neutral.

The design and artwork of the labels was made by Isabel Carral; absolutely amazing!